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SECTION 400.163

The purpose of this district is to recognize the unique and historic attributes of the area identified as Downtown on the Official Zoning District Map and to encourage the redevelopment and revitalization of this area with a mix of retail, service, office, government, institutional, religious, restaurant and hospitality uses together with residential uses. The regulations of this overlay district are intended to allow greater design flexibility in development than is permitted by the other district regulations. The regulations are further intended to enhance the aesthetic appearance and streetscape of the public and private spaces within the area.


The historic downtown area is very important to the residents of O’Fallon, especially on the North side of our community.  O’Fallon is rich in history from our start as a railroad town, the construction of Zumwalt’s Fort, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, and Sage Chapel Cemetery (The only slave cemetery in St. Charles County). There is so much more. It has been my goal to make our downtown area a destination place.  It will be a great place to show off our history and bring in many new people to live, work, dine, shop and play. We should be able to accomplish this goal through public-private partnerships and different economic development tools.  


The Downtown
Overlay District

Ordinance No. 6541

Passed into Law January 24, 2019


"The Hinman Bill"

Ordinance No. 4383

Passed into Law June 27, 2002


Ward 2 Alderman, Dave Hinman felt the need and a passion to provide quality affordable housing for Senior Citizens in O’Fallon Missouri….

SECTION 400.162

The purpose of the Senior Community Overlay District is to encourage development of residential communities for persons fifty-five (55) years of age and older by allowing for a greater variety of uses and building types at a higher density than would normally be allowed and allowing greater flexibility in site planning so as to promote affordable housing and the preservation of open space within the development.  It is intended that a senior community development provide a range of housing types and facilities that are responsive to the health care and recreation needs of senior residents.


Senior Citizens have always been one of my top priorities.  There are many people that have grown up in O’Fallon, had children and grand children and want to remain in this community.  This will give them an opportunity to do just that.  We have been able to work with contractors on nine different developments throughout town and created a great opportunity to retain our O’Fallon Seniors who are one of our most precious resources.

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